Princess Fluffy Expletive-Deleted

So our home insurance company is dropping us. Which we expected, but it’s still a giant pain in the tail. We have to talk with our agent about finding new coverage, so if anyone has any advice for us we will EAGERLY take it. 

Heartworm preventative today. Which is no big deal except that I had to find a syringe (to get the Ivomec out of the bottle – we home-brew our heartworm stuff because I refuse to pay $.02 for ivermectin and $9.98 for beef-flavored inert paste inside a plastic cube with a heart on it) and ended up looking like a druggie desperate for a fix. Not so easy to get syringes in this area, evidently.

And this darling creature:


Left a darling creature of her own in our hallway.


This would ordinarily phase me not at all, but it’s the fourth time she’s done it in two days, always in the same spot. And despite being given seventy-two walks a day (at least it sure seems that way). The inevitable conclusion is that she has decided that this is the fun place to pee and poop, and there’s no need to ask to go outside to pee, because if she goes out with an empty bladder she gets to spend more time standing statuesquely on the hillside and letting the hot wind blow through her ear fringe. Which is pretty much what she does for the entire time she’s outside. 

It’s not like I don’t know what to do here – babygate off the area, saturate with enzyme cleaners, make sure she’s crated when nobody’s looking at her – it’s just that I’m lazy and don’t want to go to the trouble. She had been flawless for so long, but she’s a toy dog and you can only get so far with a housebreaking success record with these guys.  When your bladder can only hold a tablespoon (witness the teeeny pee spots) and you’re the size of a pair of binoculars and therefore the hallway is like a quarter-mile from where you sleep, it doesn’t feel like a sin. 

So we sigh and gate and invest in Nature’s Miracle. Again.


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