Looking for dog rooms that are TEH AWESUM

I am elbows-deep in illustrator programs right now, trying to put together something on structure. So PLEASE KEEP THOSE COMMENTS COMING!

But (WHEE!) we heard that there’s a possibility that we’ll be MAYBE able to MAYBE start construction MAYBE this month. No. Next month. May. Whatever. Stop pressuring me.

The very first priority is the dog room. I’m not kidding. Our contractor said “Yeah, we’re finishing the dog room first. That way I can bring my dogs and don’t have to run home to walk them you’ll have me for many more hours in the week.” Good contractor, good boy. A click and a treat for that kind of commitment :).

So I need layout and product advice; we have a room that is 20 x 14 and an additional wall that is about 16′ long and is “wet” (has plumbing). We need a minimum of five permanent kennels, five temporary crate spaces, and the ability to go out to a common area. We won’t be doing individual runs. We need to house dogs from 10 lb up; at least one big kennel if a Dane gets returned to me, and space for entire litters of puppies.



6 thoughts on “Looking for dog rooms that are TEH AWESUM

  1. Big :).

    We won’t have Clue and Ginny over there for a few weeks at least, because there will be a distinct lack of cushy couches and because I don’t need to be there for the demo. So it’ll be visitor dogs for a little while until I’m over there more full time. At that point we’ll go get Bramble.

  2. If I was building MY dog room…

    I assume a Booster Bath or other type of raised tub. I’d also put a counter with a rubber mat (like a table) that was permanent so I wasn’t always moving a grooming table around. And I’d make sure to have a counter-level plug there for a dryer.

    An open floor area in a corner for dog beds.

    A built-in x-pen area on one end of the room. This would be good for separating dogs if need be, and would be used as a puppy area. I’d go fairly large with this, since your room is big.

    A door to the main house that is split top/bottom, so that I could keep the top part open but the bottom closed.

    Something about halfway up the walls to make them easy to clean and so that they won’t get marked up. I’d also look into making it seamless with the floor, so no nooks and crannies where the wall meets the floor.

    Dog door to a smaller fenced area outside.

    I’m sure there are people with much better and more ideas than I have, my wants for a dog room are pretty simple. 🙂 Have fun!

  3. aborite on the walls is a great idea and be sure to put all the plugs at about 4-5 feet off the ground. THAT WAY you can powerwash the whole room if you need to! Charles (Finnshavn cardi’s) did his house this way and it’s much awesomeness. A drain in the center (obviously) and I really like the idea of a built in grooming area with GOOD lighting and cupboards above for all of your supplies.

    Oh and a place for dog food bins, bowls and supplies.

  4. I put the booster bath in when we redid this house last summer. I wish I had sucked it up and put in a real tub – the booster bath is okay but it makes a real mess because it doesn’t have a backsplash- and the open end for ‘easy loading’ makes a way-too-handy escape hatch for smaller dogs.

  5. It’ll almost certainly be a real grooming tub. I am not sure if I’ll have a shower/tub surround built in (raised two feet off the floor) or if I’ll get a tub, but it needs to be big enough. I am ALWAYS preparing just in case one of the Danes comes home.

    I’m near enough to the PetEdge warehouse to check regularly for their scratch-and-dent tubs, so I may be able to get a good deal on a big one.

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