Pyometra additional note while I’m thinking of it

Because Clue is now coming out of heat and she’s turning three, I’m keeping an eye on her pretty closely for any signs of pyometra. So I thought I’d make a note of something that the vet and I talked about when I was there getting x-rays.

Basically, what she said was that even if the bitch has been bred, you still need to watch out for pyo. She’s opened up bitches and found one uterine horn full of live puppies and one horn full of pus. Most vets will, at that point, insist on spaying the bitch even though it means the puppies are killed. However, with a skilled vet the single horn can be removed and there is still at least a chance that the pregnancy can continue (and the bitch can even be bred again). So DO watch for any signs of discharge, fever, or lethargy even if your bitch is known to have puppies in her. 

I can hardly wait to get Clue bred and DONE. The whole thing makes me start to hyperventilate after a while. Which I suppose is a good thing; if you think breeding isn’t a big deal anymore you probably shouldn’t be breeding!


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