Ham and beans


Yesterday a lovely couple who is hoping to buy one of Bronte’s puppies came over to our apartment to meet me and to see what those crazy Cardigans are all about. They own a very personable older gentleman Pem and think that having a tail in the family might be a nice thing. 

Clue loves all humans, but sometimes her greetings are more along the lines of “How very salubrious to make your acquaintance; would you like a kiss?” When these (perhaps unlucky?) people arrived, her tiny blue head EXPLODED. She spent two hours sprinting from one to the other, flinging herself on her back and moaning as one rubbed her belly, then getting overwhelmed with bubbles and leaping up and sprinting to the other one of them. When they sat up to try to talk to me about something more serious, Clue would grab her squeaky duck and FLING it at one of them, then sit up and wave her paws in the air wildly.

They left here quite covered with hair and dog kisses, as you can imagine. The picture above was taken after TWO HOURS of her acting like a complete loon; she’s still fresh and ready for more. 

8 thoughts on “Ham and beans

  1. Clue is so adorable, I can hardly stand it. The ears just kill me. She just looks so pleased with herself! She’s starting to usurp my standard poodle love.

  2. Visitors are for mugging! Did she play lap hopping too? My dogs never can decide which lap they like best with company around, so are generally playing “Musical Laps” whenever people visit and sit down! LOL

  3. Yes, I utterly adore Clue too, if it’s not completely obvious. She is a really special dog, without a doubt.

    Right now she’s stretched out asleep behind me, on the back of the couch, with her tail over my shoulder. Not much gets better than this :D.

  4. Cee is a couch percher too! The only dogs I know who couch perch, are Cardis. Are there other breeds who often perch on the backs of couches (Or climb onto empty bookcase shelves to sleep!)

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