quick question

Does anyone know how many Cardigan litters are typically registered in a year? I’m not talking about individual dogs, but numbers of litters.


3 thoughts on “quick question

  1. I fished the 2 most recent Gazettes out of recycle–22 CWC litters were registered in January 2009 and 15 litters were registered in February. So you could, roughly, extrapolate for a year. Or the info is probably somewhere on the AKC site.

  2. There is a monthly tally by breed of litters and dogs registered in the AKC Gazette, so I’m sure that an annual figure is available from the AKC.

  3. The totals for the year are in the March Gazette each year.

    Cardigan ranking in dogs 82, 2007 was 78 (down 4)
    Dogs registered in 2008= 845

    Cardigan ranking in litters 88, 2007 was 85 (down 3)
    Litters registered in 2008= 230

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