Dang, I hate these guys

From CNN:

“The Humane Society of the United States has no record of abuse of polo ponies, but that may be a function of the sport’s exclusive nature, society spokeswoman Heather Sullivan said.

“We are learning about this, as is everyone else,” she said. “It may be that perhaps because it’s not televised or not as popular as other sports, it’s not something that either our constituents or our program is particularly focused on.

“But if there are either performance-enhancing drugs or some problem that is associated with this, we will investigate and we will offer a reward to bring whoever is responsible to justice.”

Keith Dane, director of the Humane Society’s equine protection program, was en route to Florida on Tuesday to interview people involved in the incident and keep an eye on the investigation, Sullivan said.”

My first real job, at age 13, was at a polo barn. My sister has managed three active polo stables. Because I grew up near Myopia (which is also Myopia), despite the fact that the best horse we ever owned was a free off-track TB, I got to be around some very good horses and wonderful stables. I have personal knowledge of how well these horses are treated, how much they are valued, how much they are loved. I can’t even imagine the tragedy of losing 21 from the same team. To have the HSUS slimily assert that the only reason we don’t know about how much they’re abused is that the sport is “exclusive” is the worst of the worst.


2 thoughts on “Dang, I hate these guys

  1. *In my whiniest possible angsty teen-aged girl-like voice possible* Buuuuut JoooooAnnnnaaaaa! The animals need to be FREEEE!!! They can’t be SLAVES!

    You know right, that meat is DEAD ANIMAL! *gasp* Animals have FEEEEEEEELINGS! They would MUCH rather be out starving, and dying of infection, and disease than EVER dreaming of being enslaved by humans!

    Or at least, this is what the crazy vegan AR extremists keep telling me 😉

  2. It seems some people are beginning to speculate it was actually purposeful sabotage. If that turns out to be the case, I hope that woman apologizes for her ridiculous assumption that the sport is abusive.

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