AKC mixed-breed feedback

I’ve been keeping track of the blog postings on the AKC’s decision to allow mixed breeds to compete in somewhat apartheid-tainted classes, and (as expected) there’s a lot of resentment about the, you know, apartheid. 

I hope the AKC (and here I of course mean the Board of Directors) is paying attention, because this shows two things: One, that owners who run mixed-breed dogs DO pay attention to AKC events, and theoretically would in fact participate if the restrictions were lifted. This really could be the money maker the AKC needs. (I don’t resent the AKC for needing to make money – a ton of what they do is subsidize shows and events, so I WANT them to make a lot of money and keep my entry fees to the “ridiculous” level rather than sending the needle into “obscene.” And I would like them to do it without registering more commercially bred puppies.)

The second thing the AKC needs to realize is that people who run mixed breeds are not second-class citizens; they are intelligent and serious and they deserve the consideration that any registrant does. Ticking them off is not a good idea. If there are so few slots in an event that inviting mixed-breed dogs fills them too fast, can’t we figure out a way to recognize commitment? Members of a tracking club get the first dozen slots and then the rest are open? Can’t we be a little smarter about this?

In fact, that’s pretty much all that needs to be asked: Can’t we be a little smarter about this?

One thought on “AKC mixed-breed feedback

  1. I’m a little late to comment, since I’m just now catching up on some of the blog topics, but I had the same reaction when the information came out on how AKC was structuring the mixed breed program. If they’re going to let mixed breed dogs compete, then knock off the “separate but equal (but not really)” crap and let them compete.

    Is AKC afraid that the mixed breed dogs will come in and grab up all the ribbons, thereby showing up the purebreds and sending John Q. Public scrambling away from reputable breeders? What exactly is their problem?

    In my experience, folks who start doing obedience classes and dog activities with their mixed breed dogs will often find themselves drawn to the “dog world” and, when they next add a dog to the family, they are more likely to seek out a purebred. The mixed breed is kind of like a gateway drug into the fancy. Why, then, would AKC want to make those dog owners feel like second-class citizens and reinforce the stereotype of the purebred fancier as an elitist snob? AND charge them a registration fee LARGER than that to register a purebred, even though they are not considered worthy to compete against them?

    Poorly played, AKC. Very poorly played.

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