Well, I’ve been thrown off Retrieverman

Which may well be a very good sign about me.

By the way, because I couldn’t comment on the last thread in which he insults my Danes, I DID breed very sound, athletic Danes. In fact, two of my guys brought down a fully grown antlered buck, killed him in seconds. Got their owner in BIG trouble with the game warden. I have absolutely no doubt they could kill a boar. 

I stopped with Danes for myriad reasons, but being unable to produce a sound, beautiful working animal was not one of them.


5 thoughts on “Well, I’ve been thrown off Retrieverman

  1. I’m not sure why he banned you either, the discussion was staying civil. Perhaps I’m biased because I personally enjoy debating and don’t mind disagreeing with people, and I honestly believe we all love dogs and just want the best for our breeds, regardless of our personal perspectives.

  2. Ah, you presented an articulate, logical, factual counter-argument. How dare you!!! Of course, the easiest action is blocking – debating your valid points would require time and thought on his part. It’s too bad, since the debate was a good one!

  3. We DO need the debate. There’s lots of genuine meat in questions about open and closed stud books and how show breeders have to act responsibly. But if you’re going to sling accusations around, you have to have facts to back them up. If I came on here and said “Field breeders just like ugly dogs and I throw up every time I see one,” I SHOULD get slapped down. Or if I (good grief!) name specific names and insult real people, someone needs to call me on it.

    He has very little experience with dogs. As far as I know he has NO experience with breeders. We just present a very large target, which he can throw stuff at because he doesn’t know anyone personally and so he doesn’t think of us as people, just as some kind of monolith that people have told him breed dumb dogs.

    And he’s bought every lie people have told him about purebred dogs – the fact that he thinks that Danes can’t kill things is a prime example. Danes have issues, but they are incredibly sound hunting dogs. If he knew Danes, if he knew breeders, he’d know that; we all have stories of our dogs “turning on” and killing something very large and very impressive. I know of show breeders who have had dogs kill multiple pigs, go after entire packs of wild hogs, my breeder’s dogs treed a bear. The liability issues associated with owning a giant and very prey-aware dog were one of the reasons we stopped breeding them; they’re the OPPOSITE of useless.

    And, unfortunately, Goldens have identical life expectancies, thanks to the scourge of hemangiosarcoma.

    The whole thing honestly just makes me really sad, because his voice keeps on going, poisoning people against good breeders, when he’s never even met one. If he could use the passion (and free time) he obviously has to be a balanced and educated advocate for change, he’d be a huge asset to dogdom. If I didn’t think he’d just cause a scene, I’d ask one of the breeders in his area to invite him to the specialty.

  4. Hello all, i would just like to say that i completely agree with you about retrieverman! I commented on a few of his blogs about the newfoundland dog, which he doesnt seem to keen on, i simply commented that i dont think that newfies are retrievers they are water and draught dogs. he then stopped me from posting anything on his blog! I couldnt believe it, if you are not in complete agreement with all he says, then he doesnt want to know.I posted some very valid points about newfs and he didnt accept my posts! It makes you want to say things just to annoy him, because anything you do say that has a point, he shrugs off, because ofcourse he is always right, as he knows everything.
    Its quite amusing really, how wound up he gets! Should I feel bad for being sarcastic on purpouse, just to annoy him? NAAH!

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