Oh good lord

I am getting really tired of this “all show dogs are stupid and useless and wouldn’t know a bumper if it bit them in the rear” and “show breeders are selfish terrible people who only care about winning” crap.  If you’re going to make blanket statements about a community, it would be nice to have some, ANY, involvement in the community, so you know the face of the person you’re beating about the head. You can see my comment there. Which will probably earn me hate mail. Sigh. I just really can’t stand haters.


3 thoughts on “Oh good lord

  1. I hear a lot of this kind of anger from ‘working breed’ lovers. They love their working type and hate the ‘useless’ show types. I can understand how their ‘ideal’ is the working dog and seeing the show/nonworking type change from that is a degradation of the breed. Add on top of that how hunting/herding and the like is a shrinking demand, they feel their type is destined for extinction. His point is that conformation shows and standards do not address working ability, therefore people who breed primarily for conformation weaken that ability in their dogs (though I don’t think you’d find many show breeders who would actually disagree with that).

    Also, comparing traditional Goldens to modern ones shows there IS a big change from what they used to be, the conformation fashion has changed them and their personalities to be more sedate and slow. To someone who loves the active ‘original type’ like Retrieverman does, they only see that change as negative. Personally, I don’t see what’s so wrong about having two types, as long as both are sound and healthy, and have people who value them for what they are and seek to preserve them.

  2. “Personally, I don’t see what’s so wrong about having two types, as long as both are sound and healthy, and have people who value them for what they are and seek to preserve them.”

    I agree with this, but also, REALLY respect those who work to historically preserve breeds. It gets to the point in most breeds, where the show, and working lines are basically differnt breeds, in looks, and disposition.

    I believe in animal artificial evolution (selective breeding, to suit the demands of the owners who seek the animals), and it’s importance is obvious, but I also really feel there’s a need to keep those historically accurate dogs as examples of what dogs have been for us. Same with the historic livestock breeds who may not be as suitable in general with todays society, but it’s nice to see historically accurate animals.

  3. I think there will always be people who breed and preserve the working lines of a breed. There are even working-line American Cocker Spaniels. Doesn’t the UKC generally favor those types? And as sad as it is though, some breeds DO go extinct, for whatever reason. Dogs have changed as society and it’s wants/needs have changed. There are people now who are breeding dogs specifically to excel in certain dog sports. I think that type of ‘working breed’ will end up being the modern kind of dog ‘bred for a job’. Hunting is a niche thing, and so is herding with dogs. Most everyone wants a dog for a pet or for a dog sport, it’s only natural that dog breeds will adapt to that end.

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