Have I mentioned…

1) That I am really, REALLY happy about the fact that Bronte’s kids are growing up with sheep? Like giggly-and-foolish happy? Golem tries to help Kate get the sheep where they need to go, which I am thrilled about. Bronte has been too busy gestating to do much with them, but she thinks they’re very cool and tries to get to them. Seeing that the puppies understand that sheep are Absolutely Fascinating and Maybe Will Do Stuff If I Come Close To Them makes me get all bubbly in my solar plexus. I plan to schlep Clue out there and see if she has the outrun in real life that she shows when she’s trying to herd kids over to me. 

2) That you are going to be really, REALLY jealous because I am going out to NY to snuzzle puppies? Yup. Eat your hearts out. In a month, if all goes well, we’ll be GETTING RID OF THE CHILDREN (which, hello, mirabile dictu) and going out to see puppies and listen very hard to much smarter people than I as they evaluate the litter. This is the script we’ll be following:

Doug: Joanna! Joanna!

(no response)

Doug: Joanna! I’ve been holding the baby for the last three hours! Where ARE you?

Joanna: (faintly) I’m smelling sheep poop! It’s like ambrosia! We need a farm! 

Doug: I’m not coming out there after you!

Joanna: (even more faintly) Good!

I plan on getting absolutely disgustingly muddy and encrusted with lanolin and puppy hair. Expect extremely embarrassing pictures. Woot!


2 thoughts on “Have I mentioned…

  1. I need a puppy fix so, so, so, so bad.

    Even without a corgi in my life right now, I still maintain they are INDISPUTABLY the cutest puppies EVER. All gigantic feet and ears and little swishy tails.

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