What are your favorite “serious” dog books and DVDs?

Since my entire library of books both erudite (“Canine Body Language”) and banal (“Lustful Savage Thunder on the Prairie”) was destroyed by the fire, I’m trying to make a list of the must-replace titles.

My first order will be Brenda Aloff’s book (the aforementioned canine body language one). It’s AMAZING. I go through it every month or so and always find something new to see.

Second is Donaldson’s Culture Clash and I am thinking of getting her new puppy class DVD. Anybody seen it? 

I’m looking for books that will be good to recommend to puppy buyers and also some more advanced stuff on behavioral theory. And I need the VERY BEST practical how-tos for tracking, herding, rally, obedience, etc. 

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8 thoughts on “What are your favorite “serious” dog books and DVDs?

  1. *Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt
    *Pigs Fly: Obedience Training For Impossible Dogs by Jane Killion (this is the book that’s going in my puppy pack- even if you have an ‘easy’ obedience breed, I *LOVE* the way she breaks down basic behaviors and talks about motivating your dog)
    *The Other End of The Leash and For The Love Of A Dog by Patricia McConnnell
    *Lads Before The Wind & Don’t Shoot The Dog by Karen Pryor (I like these better than Culture Clash, which upon my most recent re-read had some nasty purebred bashing that I misliked.)
    *Competitve Obedience For Small Dogs by Barbara Cecil (even if you DON’T have small dogs, although I wish I’d had it when I started training Indy – GREAT explanations of footwork :P)
    *Excelling At Dog Obedience by Jane Simmons Moake (3 book series)
    *Clicker Training For Obedience by Morgan Spector (specially for his explanation of variable reinforcement schedules)
    *Building Blocks For Performance by Bobbi Anderson (not super useful but well, I got good ideas from it)
    *Beyond Basic Obedience (Bauman, I think? I can’t remember.)
    *Bones Would Rain From The Sky (Clothier)
    *Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act
    *101 Dog Tricks by Kira Sundance and Chalcy (buy used so as not to give obnoxious woman money. But it’s still a tremendously fun little book, and it’s the one I’m recommending for kids who want to trick-train their own dogs- easy-to-do lure-reward stuff including some very complicated tricks and obedience/competition behaviors!)
    Sheila Booth’s books
    Um… geez. I’m forgetting something major but oh well… 😛

  2. Donaldson’s new book ‘Oh Behave!’ is excellent.
    I love Aggression in Dogs by Aloff, which is, yes, about aggression, but has so much interesting and neat training advice in it that it’s well worth reading.
    For the Love of A Dog by Patricia McConnell is also really, really good reading.

    That, plus everything the person above me said. 🙂

  3. mspitz, you rock. I owned a bunch of those and it was very good to be reminded of them. Clothier is awesome. The reason I haven’t replaced Donaldson with Pryor is that CC is what I “strongly recommend” (basically force) puppy buyers to read, because she does such a good job talking about the fact that the way dogs act is totally normal and not “bad,” and you shouldn’t expect them to act like people. DSTD reads more like a “training” book, and most people aren’t all that interested in training when it comes down to it. They don’t push through and realize what Pryor is saying about what dogs ARE. But I totally agree with you about the purebred stuff and I also don’t like the other-trainer bashing. I hate a hater.

    I didn’t own Killion yet and of COURSE must buy her.

    Claire, I’ve heard great things about Holland’s book – are there any herding DVDs you recommend?

    Stephanie – I puffy-heart love Aloff’s other stuff, so I am excited to read the aggression book. And I love McConnell.

    Erika – if only that title were an exaggeration.

    Please keep the suggestions coming! This is really good for me.

  4. Don’t know of any herding DVDs that are commercially available. I will keep my ears open and let you know if I hear of any that are regarded as worthwhile. Have fun with the sheepies. My Bobby thinks that they are the most fun thing ever-I’m sure that Clue will agree.

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