Grain-free kibble update: Orijen (two dewclaws and two… not dewclaws UP!)

We completed the switch from Solid Gold to Orijen a week ago and I can definitely say that I am seeing MUCH better results on the Orijen. Better coats and better breath immediately. Will continue to update as we go along.

6 thoughts on “Grain-free kibble update: Orijen (two dewclaws and two… not dewclaws UP!)

  1. we’re LOVING Orijen for Loki. I wish they made a food we could feed Bella. She’s still on Purina pro-plan (that’s what her breeder feeds) and I’m STILL undecided on where to go from here.

  2. Our breeder also feeds Pro-Plan; we switched to Eukanuba on advice of our vet.

    Feeding raw is not really an option for us since we travel on business about 15-20 weekends a year without Gracie. I’m not sure that our friends that care for her while we’re away would “go for it”.

    But I’ve been looking for a better dry food. More protein & less grain. I just might give Orijen a try.

    How did you find the instructions for feeding amounts – too much; not enough? How were the dogs during the switch over – any problems? How long did you take to completely switch?

  3. Hi, Erika! We’re not going raw because we’re in an apartment. Apartment-sized fridge-top freezer. We tried to use Bravo but the dogs don’t really like it and they keep trying to drag it all over the apartment and bury it in corners. I can crate Clue with food, but if you crate Ginny with food she doesn’t like she will destroy her nose trying frantically to bury it–we’ve found her all bloody when we’ve tried it.

    Anyway, after I found a rotting patty behind a lamp and had to spend hours and hours cleaning it, I switched them to kibble. I don’t like it – the difference between raw and kibble, even good kibble, is HUGE – but I don’t have much of a choice until we’re back on surfaces that I don’t mind them destroying.

  4. we fed our gang Orijen for about 2 years before going raw full-time. If we ever had to go off raw for some reason, there is no other kibble we’d use for our dogs. Loved it.

  5. I have fed my pup, Cloe, Orijen since we got her at 6 months. I am also in an apartment and the mass amount of food required for the RAW diet is not an option. Cloe has a very healthy coat and great teeth. We did have a problem with chronic ear infections for two months, but she’s a flat-coated retriever/Newf, so her ears are the darkest place I’ve ever seen.

    She’s been losing interest in the food lately, so we’ve been adding chicken broth to it. Any other ideas?

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