For Emily on spay/neuter

Emily, this is the reference you want. I was brewing a big post about it when I got sidetracked by crazy Pattypat breeder below. That CHF paper is by far the best summary of the issues, and I will come back later and go over some of the points that the author unfortunately made less than clear.


2 thoughts on “For Emily on spay/neuter

  1. I’d asked about this too, so thank you!

    And just as a BTW, when we adopted EllieMae, she was on Proin and a special diet to “control” her urinary incontinence problem… I was told that this was a recent issue and that she might or might not be dealing with it forever. The vet we took her to agreed with this but I suspected her diet & the Elavil she was on were major culprits. And guess what? After we switched her to Canidae + some raw feedings (at least every other day), prevented her from consuming feline “tootsie rolls”, and tapered her off the Elavil/Melatonin/Proin cocktail she was on, she’s never left a wet spot anywhere. *sigh*

  2. oh, and the point of my comment is because I was told that urinary incontinence would just be something I’d have to live with because EllieMae is a spayed female… :-p

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