Cloodle the Sexy

Clue came into heat today, which won’t screw up the pelvis x-rays too badly (they’ll look loose, but they ARE loose, seeing as one hip is half dislocated and all) but may screw up the thyroid test I was going to run. Darn. I don’t think thyroid needs to be a part of normal Cardi health tests, and coming into heat on schedule indicates that her thyroid is probably just fine, but she’s had a hard time holding on to her coat since she was injured and I wanted to make sure we weren’t looking at a slightly low level. I’ll ask if it should still be run.

Her radiographs are scheduled for Friday–watch this space for updates.

Meanwhile, all the male dogs in the apartment complex are going to spend half an hour sniffing deeply and thoughtfully at pee spots near our end of the building, thereby confusing their owners.


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