One more reason that dogs love babies

Yesterday we were trying to combat a little bit of diaper rash by letting Zuzu go around naked after her bath. For her, this is an endorphin rush second only to being offered the dregs of my coffee (girlfriend loves herself some caffeine). 

She was running around, shrieking with the joy of feeling the rush of air on her princess parts, and then, quite suddenly, stopped dead still for a moment with an odd look on her face. She then took off again, waving her arms around and laughing.

And there, on the carpet, was a present the likes of which is usually given to me by the dogs. 

The story would end here, with everyone else in the family yelling “OH NO! OH HORROR! WHO DIDN’T DIAPER THE BABY!” etc. were it not for the fact that even before I could grab cleaning materials, I had to bodily launch myself off the couch and on to the dogs, who came skidding into the room with drool already hanging from their mouths, and wrestle them away and into crates while they whined and tried to scrabble over my shoulder and reach their prize.

I have no idea what dogs think, of course, but if I had to guess on this occasion I think I’d come closer than most times. For clearly in their little brains was



4 thoughts on “One more reason that dogs love babies

  1. OMG that is so funny lol Thank you for making me laugh.

    How is Bramble doing? His sister Gizmo is really something else.

  2. He’s doing really well. He had to come back from the kennel to go to our vet, where he was diagnosed with Lyme disease AND ehrlichia. Both tick-borne, and both extremely common in this area. He’s on doxycycline now (they’re softies at the kennel and give it to him in cheese, rather than just opening his mouth and dropping it in like I do, so he thinks it’s the most awesome thing ever) and is totally back to his normal bat-out-of-hell self.

  3. I’m glad Bramble is doing better!

    And yes, my dogs would have reacted much the same. Ick! As it is, I think they only love the kids because they usually smell like and/or drop food. The baby thinks it’s especially delightful to feed the dogs, so nowadays whenever I hand him a snack the dogs head for the laundry room to be locked up for a while before I even ask. LOL

  4. ROFLMAO!!! Your blog often illustrates this but this post in particular *clearly* demostrates that:

    Parenting + Dog “Ownership” = not for the faint of heart!

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