A blog that should be added to your reading list

Hooray! Suzanne Clothier re-did the Flying Dog Press website and has a blog: http://flyingdogpress.com/content/blogcategory/16/52/

I love Suzanne’s writing and recommend it highly to all puppy people and those who want to learn more about dogs. What I enjoy perhaps the most about her is that she is led by watching her dogs, rather than by forcing a pre-set philosophy of motivation on the dogs. Her excellent comment on how foolish it is to insist that all agility dogs tug (rather than saying “tug is a GREAT motivator, but of course every dog loves something different”) is an exemplar of this instinct. 

I’m working on a longer post on training methodologies in general, but if I can distill it to a very short statement it’s “Use what works for you and for your dog.” So I appreciate this wherever I find it. Clothier is also living with eleven dogs and a couple of calves (yes) in one house, so she is putting her money where her mouth is in terms of field-testing her training methods.


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