For what may be obvious reasons…

I have not been able to post lately. Bronte decided that the first possible due date was the one (which means she ovulated on Day 8 and then happily tied twice a day until day 15, little hussy), so I’ve been 100% focused on Kate and Bronte and the Excellent Eight. Or Ebullient Eight. Or Euphonious Eight. Or whatever you want. All is very, very well there, but it’s been cramping my posting style!

Updates and comments roundups to come–one small note on Bramble: He has BOTH Lyme and Ehrlichiosis. Joy. I am a lot less worried about this than I would have been five years ago; dog rates of both infections are HUGE in this area right now. My vet said that somewhere around 80-90% are testing positive for either Lyme, anaplasmosis, or ehrlichia. Thirty days of doxycycline should put him right again.

There’s a “new” Lyme vaccine that is supposedly gentler than the old one, but it’s still not spectacularly effective and of course there’s nothing for anaplasmosis or ehrlichia yet. So there’s not a lot I can do except test every year and (at least based on my rates so far) treat everybody every year.


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