Mister longnose

Yes, Bramble’s here. The boarding kennel called and said that he was acting a little lethargic and was limping, so he’s got a vet appointment tomorrow. I’m guessing if it’s anything it’s Lyme or anaplasmosis, because WOW is he NOT lethargic right now. He’s been running like a bat out of hell, caroming off the furniture and jumping on the other dogs’ heads. So we’ll do a SNAP test and get him a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately, he does have to go back to the kennel tomorrow or Friday–we are pretty positive we can’t have three dogs here so we’re “hiding” him right now (not that anyone’s checking, of course). He’s such a funny little dude–it’ll be hard to take him back.


3 thoughts on “Mister longnose

  1. Hope everything is well with Bramble’s health/test.
    Trixie sleeps just like that, curled up in a ball all tucked in. She also, of course does those crazy laps around the house, bouncing off the furniture and anyone who happens to be slow enough not to get out of the way.
    They really look alike – Trix has some weird white coloring that has grown in behind her ears,neck and her tummy.
    Enjoy the visit !!

  2. Bramble sounds really excited to be back with everyone again. How are Clue & Ginny with him? He looks like a real cutie.

    My Gracie had Lyme about 18mos ago. Check the little guy’s temperature. If it’s up, it just might be Lyme.

    Gracie presented with what seemed like a lower front leg sprain. But she would do the same as Bramble – sometimes ok, sometimes it would seem like it really hurt & she would act just a bit “off”.

    Took her to the vet after a couple of days of activity restriction with no relief. The vet thought it was an ortho injury until her temp came back at 104. First thing she said: “I bet it’s Lyme”.

    Quick blood test in the office was grossly positive (i.e. takes about 10 min for results, Gracie was almost off the charts in 5).

    After 3 days of antibiotics, she was back to her old self, but had a relapse after finishing the first course & we had to repeat it. She was fine after the second course was done.

    Unfortunately Lyme isn’t like Chicken Pox in kids – they don’t develop a protective anitbody & can catch Lyme again. But they do get enough of an antibody to always test postive. So the test won’t be a good diagnostic tool in future. And I’m still not sure if I should get her the vaccine, since it’s not 100% – my vet isn’t really sold on it, which is why I’m hesitant. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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