We got the couch because it went with the dog.

Clue is doing very well. She has regained almost full use of her bad leg and she is happy as a clam. I can still see the injury in her topline and her movement, but I think anyone who didn’t know her before she was hurt would think she was fine. Just this week she started sitting up again, which I thought might be gone forever. She’s off restrictions as of this week, and will go in for her followup x-rays soon. Meanwhile she is very much enjoying being able to trot longer than a few yards in either direction.

I took this one just because I was at that moment buried under beings. That’s Zuzu’s arm (she was asleep on me), then Clue, then Ginny. That’s also closer than Clue and Ginny almost ever get when they’re sleeping and unguarded.

Anyone who knows the story of Ginny can appreciate how remarkable this one is. When Ginny first came, she was terrified of Tabitha and bit her about eleventy hundred times. It took me months to get Ginny what I’d consider kid-safe, though we NEVER leave them alone together. This was so amazing because Tabi had fallen asleep while watching TV, and Ginny actually chose to jump up and snuggle in next to her. Even when Tabitha threw her arm over Ginny’s back (which would have produced a complete freak-out eight or nine months ago) Ginny just sighed and went back to sleep.

I just realized how big this makes Ginny and Tabitha look. Perspective is funny! This is actually a little loveseat that normally seats one; Ginny’s about 12 lb and Tabitha is tiny for an almost-five-year-old (on the charts she’s at the 0 percent mark); I think the clothes she’s wearing here are 3T. From the picture you’d think Ginny was half the size of a Lab.


2 thoughts on “We got the couch because it went with the dog.

  1. Ginny is so cute! I’m a big fan 🙂

    Dea is teeny, but not as teeny as Tabitha! Dea is 4, and many of her clothes, are still 2T. Most are 3T. I don’t think she wears ANYTHING 4T yet! I’m glad I’m not the only parent with a “non-standard, undersized” child… as a friend and I call the growth chart ratings! heehee

  2. Me, I have a “non-standard, oversized” child. LOL Charlie is 4 yrs 5 months and has always been off the charts TALL. She wears a size 6 clothing most of the time, with a few 5’s that still fit. She’s also skinny as a rail!

    I’m so glad to hear that Clue is getting close to her old self. Yay!

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