Obviously traumatized by the transition

Posting from my phone so I don’t know how this will format. Pictures are of ginny who is SO sad (total lie; she walked in and took over the place) and our messy new place. I’ll love it when I have everything put away!

Note that the one thing that is completely set up is the tv. Doug’s priorities are all too clear.

Ginny is doing great. She pees on paper left on the floor, which of course makes sense when she’s been in a place with puddle pads and newspaper. And she’s very stained and has kibble breath. Otherwise she was obviously well loved and is happy and secure.


One thought on “Obviously traumatized by the transition

  1. So glad to hear that Ginny is home, safe & sound. How is Clue doing, now that Ginny’s back in the fold? And obviously in charge, from the sound of it. 🙂

    After surfing thru your website, it suddenly dawned on me why Clue reminds me so much of my Gracie. She’s a Pecan Valley blue merle, as well. She just doesn’t have those beautiful tan cheeks – Gracie’s are much more subtle.

    Her sire is Flash – Ch Pecan Valley Stoplight (x Raven – Twinroc After Midnight). I didn’t see Flash in Clue’s pedigree, but I’ll bet they’re related somehow.

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