A Zoober Zu update

As many of you will remember, the week before our house fire Zuzu fell and got a skull fracture. Well, we had the follow-up appointment (and her 15-month well baby visit) yesterday and she is doing GREAT. Her head had an incredibly alarming divot (about the size of a silver dollar and deep enough to be visible, shaped like a tulip with a rounded bottom and jaggy top where the bone had splintered) in it for several weeks, but then literally over the space of 48 hours it totally remodeled and now you can’t feel even a tiny remnant of the fracture. She looks to have healed completely and is meeting all her milestones just perfectly.

She’s just a little peanut, 19 lb and 29 inches at 15 months. For the statistically inclined, that’s 7% in weight and 12% in height. That makes her bigger than Tabitha, who hovers between 0% and 3% on both, but she’s no Amazon. I sure wish I could peel some off me and put it on her!

She says doggy, woof, kitty, meow, that, right there, TV, hot, daddy, boo! and a bunch of others. She can point to everyone in the family except me; she has no clue that I have a name and when she is asked where Mommy is she points to the curtains or to Clue. She is FINALLY walking well–she took her first steps on her first birthday and then refused to walk again for two months. Just in the last month she realized that bipedal was a lot faster and easier than crawling and she now cruises around in the zombie pose, hands outstretched, looking for brains on which to feast. 

So there you go–a non-dog-related, totally fluffy post of happy update :).

Oh, and for those who are interested: No vaccines yet for her. I do vaccinate my kids, though Honour (who reacted so horribly and is still hurt by it) will probably never have another one, but I do so very slowly and very cautiously. Any sign of reaction and we stop the series. For example, Tabitha began her Prevnar series at nine months, and our pede said he never saw ANY reaction with that vaccine. On the second one (second of a series of three) she ran a fever. So she never got the third one. But the DTaP series (which she was given starting at age 3 and every three months until she turned 4) didn’t bother her a bit. Tabitha’s next hurdle is the MMR; we’ll try just one and see if she mounts an adequate response and doesn’t need the full series. Zuzu has had zero vaccines for anything–we’re not sure if we’ll start with Prevnar or with the DTaP but we aren’t doing it now because of the respiratory virus she’s just getting over. In three months we’ll see if we’re ready to start something.

One thought on “A Zoober Zu update

  1. Ironic, since Jack had his MMR today at his 18 month appointment. :o) I vaccinate per my pediatrician’s schedule, and they are NOT flexible about it from what I’ve heard so if I wanted to delay vacs I’d need to go elsewhere. However, both of them so far have never had a reaction except Charlie ran a light fever with the MMR…so far today Jack seems fine. I wouldn’t hesitate to come up with a new vac schedule if one of them reacted to something.

    I’m SO glad that she healed up just fine!! And she’s kicking Jack’s butt in the talking department. 😉

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