Downest and outest

This marks ten days of uncontrolled high (very high–103-105) fever for my poor ten-year-old Honour. She is still in constant pain and can barely sit up. The doctor has been putting us off to a certain extent (“It’s the flu, it has to run its course”) but I am putting my foot down and she has an appointment at 8 am tomorrow. The rest of us are all still sick, but in varying stages of sitting-around-coughing-up-a-lung, not still flat on our backs. Honour is always my mom-instincts bugbear–she had a terrifically bad reaction to vaccinations when she was under a year old and she has been underweight and struggling, health-wise, ever since. She’s one of those kids who gets EVERY illness and when she gets them she gets them very badly; she’s spent parts of two winters in the hospital because every illness made her O2 sats crash and she had to be on oxygen. I know I overreact when it comes to her, so I am really trying to back off and let her be a normal kid,  but the panic point has now been reached.

I am going to have a FIT if they say “No, she’s fine!” Her doctor, who runs the practice, has been treating her since she was a baby and he wouldn’t blow me off, but he’s not available and we had to take the only appointment they had open. That practitioner doesn’t know her or her history and I’ve had trouble with her before–she obviously thinks I’m an overprotective helicopter parent and she tends to minimize everything. It’s very frustrating.


2 thoughts on “Downest and outest

  1. Poor Honour! It sucks being sick, but esp for this long.

    Good luck with the stubborn medical professionals. Hopefully you can out stubborn them. LUCKILY I’ve never dealt with this situation with Dea, but as a rat breeder, I’ve dealt with it many times with rats, and vets so I have an idea what you’re going through.

    It’s annoying when they treat you like an idiot over-reactor, but they do generally gain a deeper respect for you when they see you’re right, which can help in the long-run in building relationships. It is a shame how close-minded many medical professionals can be. The best form of medical diagnosis, is still observation!

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