Rory Westminster!

Gotta love Twitter–Rory (Ch. Telltail Roragyn) takes Breed, Powell (Ch. Heart of Gold Power Play) takes OS.

Update: as of 3:20 AM, the video is up.


5 thoughts on “Rory Westminster!

  1. Two AOMs: MaPatMa Geoffrey Chaucer and Lady Tuckaway of Camelot.

    I’m excited because I’ve never seen either one up close, so having a video of them (and of course of all the others) is incredibly valuable.

  2. YEA!

    I make sure to record Westminster breed every year with my camera… ‘ghetto’, yea, but I like to have them to refer to. I love looking back over the past few years and seeing all the good dogs together, I just wish the videos were longer! (Showed more movement)

  3. Oooo, I know. I watched the Canaan Dogs one from this year, though, and they showed WAY more of the ring. So I have hope that maybe someone has finally realized that movement is important and will show it better this year.

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