down and out

Sorry for not posting for so long–we have all fallen victim to the Galloping Crud or whatever this horrible bronchial illness is. All I know is that someone will start with a little dry cough and by the next day is prostrate on the couch moaning about how death would be a sweet release.

Super-high fever, lungs fill up, everything hurts, untouched by Advil. The baby either hasn’t gotten it or was spared with only a light case; she was very croupy but then recovered with nothing more than a runny nose. All of the rest of us are incredibly miserable.

I’m on day 3 of it myself and just ate my first meal since Sunday AM–oh, yeah, it makes you throw up too. I am beginning to feel like I might want to live, but staring at the screen makes my eyes hurt too much. So any massively controversial (well, really, what else do I do?) postings will have to wait another few days.


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