A Cloodle update

I am thrilled to say that Clue is doing GREAT. I’ve been watching her slowly come back to herself, and it seemed like having Bronte come visit and then meeting Kate’s dogs really made her feel good. She’s relaxed, she’s sleeping easily, and she’s showing interest in toys (Kate sent her a carrot toy that she is OBSESSED with, and she’s also chewing on tennis balls). She’s starting to try to bounce and pounce, which I am discouraging (of course) but it’s so wonderful to see her feeling better.

The other sign that she is definitely on the mend is that she’s taught herself a new behavior. Last night she got all mad at me because I have been discouraging sitting up or moving, and she’s got to get somebody to hand her some Goldfish somehow. Since babyhood her nickname has been Cloodle the Doodlehead, because she’s such a nut and is so constantly happy, and last night I was walking through and said, “Hey, doodlehead!” and she snapped her head right up and laughed at me and then rolled over twice. So of course she got some cheese and a big clapping session and now you can barely look at her before she’s flipping herself on her back and staring at you upside-down demanding the cheddar.

Physically she is still strongly favoring one hip and one hind leg. She’s also quite cow-hocked on that leg when she does put it down, which makes her turn in the other leg as well. At this point that may be permanent, since that hip is the one that is partially dislocated, so her famous rear may not be as beautiful as it was. She’s also popping up her loin (roaching) when she moves, which could still be her pain level or could be an instability; the most bone movement that the ortho vet could feel was in the bones up on top and she could be trying to keep everything from shifting and hurting. But she is completely weight-bearing on that leg and she really, really wants to jump and run.

She blew every bit of coat in that big panic-malnutrition shed they do (it’s why every rescue dog I pick up from a shelter coats the inside of my car with hair and dandruff) so she looks tiny and naked and of course still quite thin. She’s up to 25-something pounds, a couple below her normal, and I’m inclined to keep it that way. I don’t want extra weight on her hips while she’s recovering. But WOW, poor thing, she looked like a five-month-old puppy next to GoGo and Bronte yesterday.

My only other health concern for her was that she was drinking very poorly and peeing VERY concentrated urine. My super-smart sport-horse-expert sister said “Her electrolytes and ADH are shot; of course she’s not thirsty.” So yesterday I sat and forced about 100 mls of low-sugar gatorade into her, which she was not thrilled about, but within a couple of hours she was visiting the water bowl on her own. Today she drank about three cups, which is still not normal but is a LOT better. I think we’ll repeat the Gatorade tomorrow and see if that snaps her fully out of it.

So, really, it’s nothing but good news. With her looking so good and Bronte so happy at Kate’s house I’m feeling very blessed and profoundly grateful.

Oh, and several of you have asked about the kid who found her. I DON’T KNOW. I know no more than you do. I’ve asked the kennel for more information but it was a request in the middle of a flurry of paperwork to liberate Bronte and get a bill together for the insurance company and also estimate full monthly costs for the two dogs that are left in the kennel, and it never got answered. I really need to get the data, I know.

One final piece of very good news: We gave the kennel the vet bills for the two visits Clue had and they paid them without question, immediately. It wasn’t all that much money, honestly, in the grand scheme of vet bills, so we would have absorbed it, but it was the right thing for them to do and I am glad they did it. Now I can feel good about the place and, as I told the owner, they’ll get it back from me anyway. They’re the one place that has herding and tracking lessons within any kind of driving distance, so I imagine I’ll more than cover their outlay in the next few years.

So that should bring you up to date! Which is good, because I need to tell the whole story of the fire and what’s going on at the house and so on. It is really Quite The Deal and I’m FINALLY out of the panic-about-Clue! Panic-about-the-baby! Panic-about-Bronte! hideousness and can think about something else for a change.


7 thoughts on “A Cloodle update

  1. I’m so glad to hear that Clue is getting back to being herself!

    Don’t forget that we still need to hear about the hole in Zuzu’s head, too. ROFL! Some kinda end to the year, there, Joanna. 😉

  2. I exhaled. It sounds like your life is moving back toward a normal life — which was still crazy, but not full-flight panic mode. It’s so good to hear that Clue is trying to play and taking an interest in what’s happening around her. What’s this carrot toy like?

  3. YEA for responsible business owners! We need more people willing to step up to the plate like this.

    It’s so wonderful that Clue was finished before all this drama. It is a shame she may never have a specials career, but she’s a Champion, and alive. She’s had a lot of big things in her life, and I bet only has more big things… though hopefully nothing more bad, and all good 😉

  4. I am so glad she is recovering so well. Hooray!!

    Pedialyte works well, too. They have an unflavored version (it doesn’t have sugar). I just went through a scary bout with my MS and found it hugely helpful. Only downside is it is more expensive than Gatorade!

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