My toes may never be warm.

Why is it that dog people think it is totally normal to stand in a frozen parking lot for over an hour, talking about dogs? We’re nuts, I tell you.

Bronte went off to what I’m going to think of as “college” with nary a whimper. Kate is LOVELY, GoGo is handsome and HUGE, and Shiner is cute as a button and is going to be quite a heartbreaker when she grows up.

We arrived home with a baby covered in chocolate and peppered with cookie crumbs, yelling like a banshee. After a quick bath and a toweling off we’re sitting around trying to thaw out.

Kate sent gorgeous green-blue chicken eggs, which made me feel all fuzzy inside because that’s what I grew up with–we raised Americaunas and had pink and blue and green eggs in a rainbow. We also received lovely homemade soap and–so great!–a carrot toy for Clue. Clue got it out of the package herself and has been grinning ever since, carrying it everywhere she goes.

Here’s hoping Bronte’s year is wonderful and so is ours :). What a great way to start the new year.


4 thoughts on “My toes may never be warm.

  1. Oh yeah, btw Gogo’s a big boy…funny because his brother Wally is on the small side. We wanted to encompass the full spectrum…

    You’ll miss Bronte but she’ll have the bestest time with “auntie Kate”. Some of mine like her more than they like me (I never do cool things like take them to the river)

    -mandy (Gogo’s gramma)

  2. What a win-win situation for everyone. If more was known, I would have offered a warm house instead of the parking lot for you to meet at! Lovely dogs! Kate is wonderful! Can’t wait to meet Bronte and see the pups this summer! She will be very happy in “college”.

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