Bronte’s Long Trip

If you’ve been watching Kate and Kim’s GITU blog, you know this, but we’re very excited and relieved to say that Bronte is home, at least for a few hours. We sprung her from the kennel this afternoon and tomorrow she heads on a 9-hr trip to Kate’s house in New York. Kate is going to lease her for a year, which is pretty much the definition of a win-win. Brontosaurus gets a real home and isn’t languishing in a kennel, and Kate gets to hopefully get a litter from the gorgeous and long-waiting Golem.

Providentially, before the fire I had just begun talking with Kate about using GoGo for Bronte’s first litter; I am eager to see what happens when she’s bred back to something closer to Carbon (he’s her g-g-grandfather and GoGo’s father). It is also a linebreeding on the lovely Inky (Ch. Phi-Vestavia Inkling), Bronte’s g-grandfather and GoGo’s grandfather. So it’s exactly what I wanted, a low COI but enough shared ancestry to hopefully give us some genetic pairs that equal what we want.

With the fire, there was NO way I could plan a breeding for this year. We’re looking at months of getting Clue better, getting back in the house, etc. There would be no time to finish her, let alone adequately raise a litter. Having Kate do it took a HUGE load off my heart and mind.

I will miss Bronte more than I can say. Having her tonight makes me realize how much we count on her gentle silly self. She’s also very definitely my eye candy; she’s just gorgeous. Coming back from three weeks away, she looks spectacular (smells HORRIBLE) and points up how hurt and thin Clue still is. Clue herself is SO MUCH better than she was the day she was found, but next to Bronte you can really see it.

So tonight we have baths for both dogs (shhh! our homeowner is supposed to think that we’re just taking really long showers) and then after church tomorrow we head out to Albany to meet Kate. I can hardly wait to read about her adventures.

I know I will also need lots of suggestions to help her through this–Bronte is sensitive and has been VERY traumatized and I’m worried that the transition will be difficult. I haven’t talked about the fire a lot, but Bronte was the last dog out, and was finally found under a bed, covered with soot and with black crud in her nose and mouth. To go from that to a basement and then to a kennel–well, she must feel like she’s being punished for something she did wrong. I am really hoping that she won’t take this “rehoming” as one more reason to be scared.


4 thoughts on “Bronte’s Long Trip

  1. I’m excited about the challenge and hope I can give her a fun and happy life here. You can’t begin to know how much I appreciate this gift, and I hope I can repay it with a cheerful dog and a championship!

  2. She’ll bounce back wonderfully visiting Kate, the dawgs all adore her 🙂

    (and I’ve very excited to see Gogo produce…)


  3. Kate will take good care of miss Bronte and love her like her own. I hope she settles in ok and am sure that you have more ideas than I do about things you can do to ease transition. :o) Hugs to you both!

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