Hooray! And ouch! But still hooray!

Final tally: six fractures and one dislocation. The left side of the pelvis is actually independent (broken off from) the right side. BUT (squeee of happiness) it should heal on its own without surgery. The ortho vet felt that since two weeks had gone by since the car accident, he’d be chiseling away so much new bone growth that he’d “do more harm than good.”

She is neurologically intact, and while the achilles tendon feels like it took a beating (it’s thickened and swollen) there’s no tearing.

And, miracle indeed, he feels that IF the repeat x-ray in ten weeks–after eight weeks of STRICT (he put it in all-caps) rest–doesn’t show any narrowing of the pelvic outlet (and he doesn’t think it will) she can safely be bred.

He DOES think she’s going to experience some arthritis and that one hip is going to heal a little bit dislocated. So she can have as much free play as she wants once it’s healed, but she shouldn’t go out for major agility stuff. She can still track and herd, though.

I even got a hip eval to boot :). He said that he wouldn’t send the hips to OFA because they’d just fail her on the dislocation (and that he dislikes OFA for these guys anyway) but in his opinion the uninjured one is good and deep and round and proper for the breed.

This is just the best news I could possibly get. That, plus a very cool thing that I hope to be able to talk about as it is finalized (maybe even this week) has me feeling like a thousand-pound weight is off my shoulders.

That’s the short story. The long one is on its way :).

Here’s one of the x-rays, by the way. The five largest fractures are labeled.



11 thoughts on “Hooray! And ouch! But still hooray!

  1. Hi Joanna….

    Just found out about the fire (someone on MDC mentioned it). And, now about Zuzu and Clue…how scarry! Sending your family prayers and hugs as you make it through this tough time. So glad that everyone is now safe and sound!

    Wish I had heard earlier. Have been busy with the new babe here who surprised us by coming early (always go past my DD) and short precipitous labor which wound up as an accidental UC.

  2. I am so happy that Clue is home. I have thought of you daily and checked in here for updates. My prayers are still with you as you go through all the stuff caused by the fire.

  3. Just wanted to post that I’ve been thinking about you. I’m so so so glad Clue is home and sounds like she’s going to be okay.

  4. One of our grandpups was once run over by a truck and had a fractured pelvis. She didn’t have surgery; it healed fine on it’s own. That was about 8 years ago, and she’s now almost 13!

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