Really not ignoring you, I promise

Sorry for disappearing–we’ve been moving into the house we’ll be staying in for the next few months and we’ve been absolutely out straight with House of Fire stuff. I need to blog about 54,000,000 words about the fire, which has been completely overwhelming; it’s a measure of how traumatic the whole Clue thing has been that I haven’t talked aboutn it at all.

Ortho appointment is Tuesday AM. I’ll update as much and as fully as I can at that point.


4 thoughts on “Really not ignoring you, I promise

  1. We shouldn’t even make the cut in your list of worries. I don’t think any one of us feels ignored. I know I appreciate updates, but I’ll keep praying for you with or without them. I imagine your to-do list is overwhelming. Is there anything your imaginary (internet) friends can do?

  2. I’m with the two ladies above! Ignore us! Take the time you need to deal with the House of Fire and your baby Clue, and oh yea, your daughter who bonked her head too! how’s she doing, by the way??
    All of us Blogging buddies will be here when you have time. Never fear! 🙂 take care, and don’t forget to breathe!

  3. Joanna, it doesn’t matter when you’re able to write 54,000,000 words to us. We’re sending you strong thoughts and just waiting until you catch your breath or need to write.

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