Oh, snap.

Here’s a mental exercise: hold an imaginary pretzel between two hands and try to break it in just one place.

Anyone who has been around vets or doctors long enough knows what I’m leading up to: Yup, multiple pelvic fractures.

I literally cannot believe that Clue can WALK, much less run around for a week and a half on this pelvis.

If you picture an OFA x-ray, the worst break is immediately below the left hip socket (so on the film it’s the socket on the right). This is causing the left hip to subluxate badly; it’s about a third of the way out of the socket.

The second big break is in the pubic (if that’s what they call them in dogs) bone, which is broken away from the larger structure and separated by about half an inch.

There are two more possible breaks–you can see “daylight” through them, so they are either fractures or very big subluxations/dislocations. One is where the ilium attaches to the sacrum and one is in the ischium.

In other words, OW OW OW OW OW. Poor dog.

The good news is that she’s very, very sore but is weight-bearing and is not crying. The other good news is that while the fractures are BIG, the pelvis itself is not horribly deformed. The bad news is that there’s a lot of bone separation. My vet thinks that surgery is in the cards; I’ll be calling an osteo vet tomorrow. The REALLY bad news is that the kennel is making noise about not being liable and not wanting to pay for it. It is my fervent hope that they just mean that they don’t want me racking up thirty grand in physio and acupuncture, which is legitimate, not that they actually won’t pay for the surgery. If they really won’t, we’ll approach our house insurance since this was a direct result of the fire (this is a real longshot, but she IS a “content” of the house). If both say no, we’ll make it happen, but this really sucks.

The ONLY priority is making sure she lives a long and pain-free life. In terms of what this will do to her career as a show dog or breeding bitch, we’re not even going there right now. I just need to know that she’s safe and comfortable.


15 thoughts on “Oh, snap.

  1. Well, damn. I was hoping for better news than that. I cannot believe that she was RUNNING around, loose, in the extreme cold with that pelvis. And I’d absolutely make noises about getting an attorney if the kennel continues making noise about not paying. They are most definately liable. It was an accident, I’m sure, but it was their fault. And they know it.

  2. It is amazing that Clue was up and around leaving little footprints with that kind of damage. Surely the kennel has insurance in case any of its charges get loose. How about the driver of the car. Did anyone get his/her information? Insurance is to cover accidents. Perhaps your homeowner’s insurance will cover it — or they might pay and then subrogate against the kennel. In any case, I hope you get some help paying for this. More importantly, I hope surgery will put Clue back together so she can be healthy and active.

    Joanna, something good (without the baggage) is going to happen for you.

  3. Just read all the followups, and although it sucks to have all the surgery you’re facing with Clue, I know you are overwhelmingly just overjoyed to have her back. Lots of luck, good vibes, and prayers that the kennel will come through. (((HUGS)))

  4. What a tough little dog; I cannot imagine the pain she must be in. It is no wonder that she “zones out” at times. Thanks for the update; I have checked here about a dozen times, or more, today. If we can help at all please let us know.

  5. Poor Clue!! I’m so glad she’s finished already!!! Really, that’s a big thing, just in case she doesn’t move completely normal again. Brood-wise, I’ve heard of pelvic breakage, and healing for normal birthing. If not- c-sectioning in this situation is a very viable option.

    Hopefully the kennel, or someone else will pay for this. Legally, I would say the kennel is responsible. There’s always the media, and making a big stink. This is after all, ALL their fault.

    I’m so sorry about the seriousness of her injuries. Hopefully if she needs surgery, it isn’t major, and she heals perfectly normal so she can special (If you choose to do so), and can birth normally when she’s bred.

  6. The good news is that broken pelvises often heal quite well with no long-term detriment. One of my grandpups was run over by a truck and she’s now 12.5 years old and still sound.

    But I agree with Emily: the kennel is liable. You hate to have to take someone to court, but there are times that is the only recourse. We made a mistake when Tom broke his ankle back in 2002 in not pursuing it with the company that owned the shopping center.

    Daughter is in the liability insurance business: we should get her take on it.

  7. Joanna,
    I am amazed that with this degree of damage. her size, being hit on RT 101 etc, there were not other internal injuries. I am also amazed by the resilience of dogs!! Probably if this had happened at home she would have been begging for sympathy but, somehow or other, her instincts for survival kicked in and kept her going. Unbelievable!!

  8. I’m so glad Clue is home!! What a brave girl she is.. her poor hips. This whole situation is just awful, but I know you will soldier on and make things work. I agree with other posters, the kennel is liable for the surgury at the very least, and if I were you I’d pursue legal action if they refuse to pay.

    Hope you all had a merry and joyful Christmas.

  9. Still so glad shes home. Heres another vote that the kennlel is liable and that they should have to pay for reasonable treatments. It’s amazing how quickly animals can recover from a pelvis fracture. I’m pretty sure that if it were me, I would still be lying on the ground somewhere=)Best of Luck!

  10. Shoots, I had a feeling it was the pelvis when you said she was moving funny. Sounds like surgery, get that hip back in. It’s amazing how well they do get around with all that damage. I’m just glad she’s home and safe tho, I’ve been following your blog with my prayers, and passed your posts around to other corgi lists for people in your area to keep lookouts.

    One step at a time, she’s a strong girl and the pelvis does a good job of healing up.

  11. I’m so glad Clue is home and safe. Poor baby. She’s a strong girl just like her (2-legged) mom! I’m so sorry you have to go through this with the kennel. Hopefully something good will come out in the end.

  12. Oh the poor girl! I hope she recovers quickly and starts to feel better. Is she on anything for the pain, or are you keeping the pain to stop her from further injuring herself?

    As for the kennel not being liable – I’d be PISSED. I would be speaking with an attorney, but dang, with everything else going on that’s all you need, right? Wow. I just can’t imagine.

  13. Sounds like a sucker of a break; I hope they can fix it all in one go.

    Don’t let that kennel weasel away; they are definitely on the hook for whatever she needs.

    My husband and I are cheering her return home. What a brave little toaster she is, and how game to keep on going.

  14. Your blue girl is one tough little dog. It is an absolute miracle that she is home and is doing as well as she is. This kennel must have some sort of liability insurance that covers incidents such as these. I send my very best wishes for you and yours as this trying year draws to a close. 2009 will be better.

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