The long story…and then I am going to go collapse.

As soon as I got her in the car I said, “Holy cow. I am SO TIRED.” I’ve been holding on though sheer adrenaline and fear for over a week, not sleeping at night or eating normally, and now that she’s home safe I am overwhelmed with shaky exhaustion. But you all deserve the long story.

What I posted should be roughly in line with the actual timeline. At 12:00 we got a call from the kennel, the senior (gnarly old fabulous) tracker guy. He said “Do you believe in Christmas miracles?” and we all just started yelling.

I threw the kids at Doug (he was working from home–home being a loose term right now, but in this case from the house we’re staying in for the next little while), handed them a bunch of bananas and said “Have a good lunch!” and was in the car and on the road at 12:06.

I drove much too fast and got there in under an hour. The kennel was closed, of course, but they arrived to let me in and two minutes later she was getting the front of my shirt wet.

Nobody knows the whole story, but here’s what we have pieced together (we should know more after the holidays when everyone can compare stories):

We blanketed the entire community with fliers, hundreds of them. One went on the mailbox of a house with a “kid” (I’m guessing teenager or young adult) who lived near the river (if you remember the map). Said kid thought he’d seen tracks near the water/ice. So he went out for three days in a row, looking around, and on the third day there Clue was.

When they called me she had been back for less than five minutes. So she’s still VERY newly found. She is sort of going through phases–she will be super scared and not want to be touched and then a second later if she sees a chicken finger she will throw herself into a perfect stack and bait for me with her tail wagging. Sometimes her eyes look normal and happy to me and sometimes she looks lost and confused. Sometimes she runs from food and sometimes she wolfs it. It’s all pretty normal, I think, as her brain tries to re-set itself to domestication.

She is very thin–23-point-something on the pet supply store scale. Something is wrong with her rear–I am hoping just a hurt leg but it could be the hip. She’s putting weight on the leg but the whole rear fishtails when she moves. She’s not stretching out to lie down, which she ALWAYS does; that to me means her hips hurt. She has various cuts and scrapes, very swollen and red/cut pads, but no big wounds.

We (meaning the techs and I) tried to get her in today before the vet’s office closed; no dice. I couldn’t get her and get down there in time. So 9 am Friday she will have a comprehensive checkup with x-rays. I don’t think anything is an emergency and can’t wait for that.

She had a long hot soak and a shampoo (in Bed Head, which ironically enough is a lot cheaper than her normal shampoo). She is whiny but settles and sleeps when someone is with her. Which, of course, is pretty constantly. She has tripe to eat and a lot to drink; she’s had a short slow walk. Otherwise I am just keeping an eye on her.

More later after I sit for a while and the delayed-reaction shakes subside.

You know I adore you all–I don’t know what I would have done without your encouragement, help, and advice.

22 thoughts on “The long story…and then I am going to go collapse.

  1. I know you won’t have any trouble giving her some extra scritches from me. Hugs to you all, and hopeful thoughts that her injury will be ok.

  2. Thank DOG! What a fantastic Christmas present, knowing that after such a traumatic experience for all of you, your whole family is back together for the holidays. Good girl, Clue!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas for you and the kids. I terrible loss has been turn into a miraculous recovery. I cannot stop crying tears of joy. Atta girl, Clue!


  4. Between Jessie being found and now Clue, blue Cardi girls have had an amazing December. I can feel your relief from here. I am so happy for you — and so glad that kids find dogs! Ear rubs for Clue — and someone should give you a good massage. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Oh. Thank. DOG.

    I threw my hands up in the air and cheered. My wife thought for a moment I was nuts and then I told her “CLUE IS HOME”. Then we both cheered. I could cry I’m so happy for you and your family. I never beleived for a moment it would end any differently, but I think there are many people around the world breathing a HUGE sigh of releif and wiping a tear right now. I wish you and your whole family the merriest of Christmases.

  6. the tears of joy just won’t stop… I’m So incredibly happy for all of you… words can’t even begin to describe…. hugs to you all, especially Clue, for trusting in that young man enough to let him help her home! Thank God!!!!!!

  7. Came back to check and found this joyous news – tears of relief, can hardly type!

    Blessings to all the wonderful people who searched for her, I will continue to pray for a full recovery from her extraordinary experience.

    Happily, JoAnne and the Cardis four

  8. I just got the kids in bed and logged on- I know I’m not the only person sitting here crying in front of the computer. This is the best Christmas miracle. Thank you God for your mercy and love of Clue and her family. I am hoping that the films on Friday show a leg injury, not a pelvic one. Merry Christmas to the Kimballs!!!!!

  9. This is the best present ever. I’m glad your girl is home and safe, and i hope her vet visit doesn’t show any major problems as a result of her adventure.

  10. Oh Joanna! I am so happy for you. I was driving along 101 the other day and couldn’t stop thinking of you and your family and Clue. I have tears in my eyes, I am so thrilled for you all. Merry Christmas!!

  11. Behold the Miracle of Christmas. For lying in a Manger was born a savior to Mankind. Clue coming home is because of Him and all our prayers asking the Lord to help Clue find her way home. What wonderful way to live a Miracle of God own hands.
    Merry Christmas Joanna,and all the animals and humans at Black Sheep Cardigans
    Nancy C-P and the Cardigans in Ohio

  12. I just threw my arms in the air and woke the baby! SOOOOO happy! DH grumbled about my checking the computer on Christmas morning, but I was hoping for a miracle and here it is! Congratulations!

  13. Great News about Clue! I held my breath for Jessie and then for Clue. I am glad she made it through the nasty weather. Merry Christmas!

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