Just got off the phone with the kennel. There’s no sign of her. Today is one week since she got out and got hit and six days since anyone has seen track.

I have very limited connectivity here where we are staying. Lack of updates just mean no news. I will update with anything good or bad but cant post just to chat because it has to be done on my phone. I love you all.


8 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Still keeping y’all in our thoughts and prayers. I know you’ve probably already thought of this.. but just checking to see if you’ve listed Clue as being lost on Craigslist. I once helped reconnect a beagle w/ its owner when I was browsing our local pound’s petfinder site and saw a dog that closely resembled an ad (and picture)I remembered from Craigslist. I literally studied the markings on that beagle for 25minutes and it turned out to be the right dog. I can guaranteed I am not the only person who does this 🙂

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