Got a call from the deep woods

No small-dog tracks anywhere.

They are checking with a communicator next. This is one of those things that I am agnostic about–I have no faith in anyone calling themselves a psychic and in fact stay pretty much as far from that as I can, but I’ve always known when the dogs were tired/hungry/mad/whatever so I do think dogs have very “vibey” little souls. So I am not going to discount anything at this point.


9 thoughts on “Got a call from the deep woods

  1. Ok, I debated about posting this because it sounds *insane* but, it can’t hurt, right?

    Anyway I had a dream last night, that Bronte got out and I found her and took her for a walk (as a favor?). There was snow on the ground, but it was packed, not new. At two points she alerted that she smelled Clue, but there were no tracks. At both times we were going into/near a body of water that started with an A. Something like Lake Arrowhead. And it may have been a place with cabins.

    I also knew she had to be close as every time kids saw us, they got excited over Bronte and kept saying “it’s Clue! it’s Clue!” I think they knew what she looked like because they had seen her running around and were mistaking Bronte for her.

    The other thing I got from the dream was that someone had taken Clue in, I think that’s why Bronte couldn’t find her.

    So that’s probably nothing more than my subconscious processing your life right now, but if you’re willing to look into some “woo” I’m willing to (embarrassedly) post about it.

    Sending you all my good luck vibes.


  2. Joanna, you don’t me but I became interested in this story when Penni posted it on a tracking list. I don’t believe in psychics either, but what you can’t do is give up! When you think about it, how far could Clue have gotten from the boarding kennel? She’s got short legs, and she was hurt, who knows how badly. She couldn’t have gotten far. You need to be looking in ever-increasing circles around that kennel, and then start over and look again. I’d go up every road for 10 miles, return to the kennel and then drive the other way for 10 miles, and do the same on every suburban road around there. She would choose a road to travel if she was able to, just because it would be easier to navigate; she wouldn’t continue to founder in snow up over her head now. I know you have children, other dogs and a burned home to worry about, but I do hope there are people out there every day looking, driving, searching. From the stories I’ve read, so often the dogs are found closer to home rather than farther away. And so often, in spite of our wishes that she found a safe haven and is in out of the cold, what happens is that 3 weeks later, the dog is found STILL out there all this time. You can’t give up.

    Still hoping for a miracle.

  3. I have a feeling she’s in a home, nice a warm. I just don’t think she’s dead… and hopefully I’m not wrong 🙂

    I’m crossing fingers someone found her and either hadn’t seen the signs, or fell for her, and will either decide to call, or someone will notice her and call for them.

    She’s a smart girl, and this is such a hardy breed. Amazingly hardy! I adore Clue, and can’t wait for her safe return home!

  4. oh J! I’m SO immensely sorry that you’ve been going through this, I hadn’t made it to your blog since we got our own dog, and I thought today I could load up on some doggie words of wisdom but instead I see that your family is going through something that must be horribly difficult. I will keep you all in my prayers and hope for a Christmas miracle for you & Clue.

  5. I’m still clinging to the hope that some nice folks picked her up and haven’t seen the fliers and haven’t ventured to a vet’s office or animal control to have her scanned, because of the weather. Thanks for the updates, Joanna. I know a lot of us are checking often.

  6. I’m checking several times a day and always Clue is on my mind. Please know how much our community of Cardi lovers are praying and thinking of you all. You’ve had your share, that’s for sure.

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