No news but snow

No news. Two feet on the ground now.


14 thoughts on “No news but snow

  1. It’s going to work out — either Clue will curl up in a den until you come to get her or under some trees, or she will go to someone’s back door. Still sending really good thoughts.

  2. I’ve spent several days now trying to think of something to say to you, but unable to come up with anything that wasn’t absolutely stupid. I just found your blog recently and I’ve been worried about Clue ever since. I’ll send curled-up-somewhere-warmly thoughts out and continue to hope.

  3. Bobby (my blue boy) and I are down in DC, saying prayers and sending good wishes that you and your blue Clue are reunited. We are pulling for you hard.

  4. Will keep praying – my dogs were once gone for two weeks – found them five miles away, dirty, hungary and skinny.

    Hang in there

  5. I was once in a rollover accident on I-94 in Michigan. It busted both dog crates in the back and the dogs escaped. I watched my boy and my friend’s dog run along I-94. (70mph speed limit). He came when I called, but I could NOT get her to come to me. My friend was unconscious. We searched everywhere for days. Ten days later we found her at the pound! She was chipped and tattooed, but they never called. They claimed they scanned her, but nothing came up. When they scanned in front of me everything worked fine. If we hadn’t gone there in person, she’d be someone else’s dog right now.

    Maybe check a few places in person and put a pic of a child on your poster begging someone to return your child’s best friend.

    Still thinking of you.

  6. I just have to think that with all you’ve already been through, you are overdue for a big break!! All my highest thoughts, prayers, most positive energy and heart to you and hope you find her very very soon!

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