I’m going to try to place a map to show you where we’re looking. This map is keyed to the address that I found her last tracks at.

In order to see it correctly, close the white pop-up with the address showing. Click the “+” button ONCE to zoom in. Then drag the map so the red flag with the “A” in it is in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER.

Now you see where we were. AK9C (the kennel) is in the lower left corner. She was hit on 101 right in front of the kennel. The “tracking fields” are below 101 just east of where she was hit. Those have been walked and searched. Follow 101 up to Stowell Road; that’s where she was seen running up into the woods.

The rough triangle formed by Stowell Rd, Winchester Ln, 101, and the river (the river shows as a line through the trees) is where the tracks are. Its an area of maybe 70 acres and she went for miles in huge loops and circles throughout the entire parcel, from the river to 101, out to the roads, back in the woods.

OK, I need to stop thinking about this every second and go get some sleep. I will update with real news. No update, no news.


8 thoughts on “Map

  1. Said a prayer for you this morning. If you’re going to get the snow that we got (Michigan) this could be a rough day. The first two hours of it are the worst, then it gets less extreme. I’ll think of you all day.

  2. It’s hard, I’m sure, to NOT think about it…. know that people all over the country are pulling for you guys and for Clue…. update when you can… but in the meantime, we’re all sending the very best thoughts your way!

  3. I check daily hoping to see some good news that Clue is found. All the cardigans here are keeping good thoughts for a quick recovery. I had one of my foster dogs get lost at her new home, in an area that was unfamiliar to her, and it was also winter weather. Thankfully, she was found alive and OK, and from that experience, I know that the corgis are resilient and have a spirit to keep them going. Our girl was using a ditch culvert for shelter, and somehow knew how to keep herself alive. Come Home, Clue….

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