Just thanks, that’s all

As expected, the snow is heavy and will be steady for several days. So there will be no updates for a while unless she miraculously shows up at someone’s front door (which is what we’re all praying for, of course). I am trying to stay away from the computer and just sleep; I don’t think I’ve gotten more than a few hours a night for a week.

I just wanted to say thank you for the many, many e-mails and comments. I have not been able to reply to everyone and I apologize for that. When my brain is no longer whirling around in semi-panic mode I want to sit down and resond to each of you personally, but right now I just can’t. But please do know that I appreciate each and every word. I cherish the encouragement and the personal experiences and the miracles of so many found dogs in everyone’s lives. I have not even begun to give up hope; we are still in the early stages of this and that’s not even a consideration.

Thank you most of all for realizing that this is important. Thank you for not saying “It’s just a dog.” Thank you for crying with me and for praying with me. Thank you for checking for updates. Thank you for letting me know that I am part of a community of stories, some new and still raw and some old and well-worn. I feel carried on the thoughts and prayers of many, many people, and it keeps me going and keeps me calm and encouraged.

I will be sure to let you all know the instant I have any news.


13 thoughts on “Just thanks, that’s all

  1. Checking the instant I could. Still praying. Still lighting my candle for her safe passage home. She’s out there, you’ll find her. (hugs)

  2. I can’t imagine how I’d be if this were my life… It wasn’t until I read your thank you here that I remembered, dog people ARE a rarity, and MOST people really don’t understand how tragic a lost pet is.

    I’m glad your blogger dog friends can be some support. I would hope that if I were ever in this nightmare, I too would have dog friends, near and far who would know better than to say “It’s just a dog”, and instead would understand, and be a support.

    Please keep your chin up. Miracles still do exist, and I’d really like for Clue to be one of them. Cardigans are such tough little dogs, bred to tend to themselves, and their families, which is one big plus she’s got going for her.

    Have you put out live traps with food yet? Live traps, covered with a blanket ( to protect from wind, and chill) may not be a bad option at this point, to set up near places prints have been seen, and enlist neighbors to check them often, if you’re unable to check them.

    We once had a rat get loose at a friends house, and we thought she was a gonner. 3 days later, her ‘neighbor’ over 10 acres away, and across the road called her about a fancy rat in her shop, and we set up a live trap, which the rat entered another 3 days later. If a little rodent raised as a pet/show animal can survive loose in rural, wooded mountain farmland, I have really high hopes for Miss Clue!

  3. I’ve been checking back somewhat obsessively, looking for updates. I’m hoping for a happy one any minute now! Come on, Clue! The people who love you want you back home!

    One of my dogs once escaped out the front door while my FIL was dogsitting, while we were on vacation 1000 miles away (a few weeks after we’d moved into our new house, so out in an unfamiliar neighborhood, at that). When she gets out, her inclination is to explore, and she likes to play the “you’re within five feet of me so I’m going to run another fifteen feet away, ha ha” game, and my FIL walks with a cane. My feeling of helplessness was almost unbearable — but he called back ten minutes later and it turned out that all she did was walk to a neighbor’s house and stand on their porch, and he caught her easily. I can’t even imagine losing her for days in the woods. I’d be a total wreck.

    I also used to work for a greyhound adoption kennel, and on occasion we would have dogs escape. One skinny, scaredy dog spent about a week in the woods, in freezing wet/snowy weather. She made it back none the worse for her experience, and if a super-skinny greyhound just off the tracks could do it, I bet Clue can, too.

    Go find people, Clue! Go home!

  4. I’ve been a follower of your since I joined MDC several years ago and I’ve been compulsively checking for updates on Clue’s whereabouts. I can’t even begin to imagine the worry you’re feeling and I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you and have been sending “go find people” vibes to Clue and telling everyone I know to pray for her safe return. We’re in MA so if you need a hand next week, we could be up there shortly (no dog experience other than reading your blog but if there’s anything we could do, please let me know)
    I’m sure she’ll be with you again soon. We’re thinking of you all.

  5. Prayers still coming from Iowa, too….come on Clue, we’re in desparate need of another Christmas miracle…please come home! Your Mommy misses you and needs you!


  6. I lost my dog (in a crate thankfully) in Chicago-O’Hare for a few hours (thanks to baggage handlers) and someone said to me “lots of folks have lost baggage tonight, ma’am”. Anyone who could say “it’s just a dog” just doesn’t understand how they are NOT “just a dog”.

    I’m glad you have the support of fellow dog folk right now… know that we’re all over the country, and all over the world, and we’re supporting you as best we can (via written word) and can only hope and pray for a Christmas miracle for you and your family, and for the safe return of your sweet girl, Clue.

    Keep your chin up and get rest when you can… she needs you as much as you need her right now.

    my three and I will continue to send the very best thoughts your way….

  7. My brother and his wife run a rescue near Baton Rouge, LA (it happened when all the Katrina pets were abandoned and they’ve just kept going). They have sent the word to their network of folks in New England, so, hopefully there will be even more people on the lookout for the elusive Clue.

  8. I too check here often hoping that I will read that she is safe in the arms of her family. As I told you, fervent prayers are coming from Washington State and will contine throughout this ordeal.
    Come on, Clue, find a safe house. They are all around.

  9. I’m still rooting for you, even as my stress level skyrockets as I wait for my own beloved dog’s return. I lost my African Grey once, in November, in Flagstaff AZ, off a second floor apartment balcony. He had clipped wings, and was lost in freezing rain and sleet for 4 days before someone responded to my flyer. He had walked his sassy little self across 2 busy streets of 6 lanes each, and covered nearly 1/2 mile on foot. Someone smoking on their porch saw him and thought he was a pigeon, until he said “Hello” and walked up to them.

    I’m lighting a candle for you tonight, as well.

  10. Just thinking about your family tonight, praying for Clue that she’s warm and fed and safe somehow. A client lost their 6yo Spinone one month ago today and we’re still searching tirelessly for him. May they both find their way home soon.

  11. Joanna, I’m so, so sorry to hear about the tragedy in your family. My hopes and prayers are that Clue is safe and that you are reunited very soon. Thank God your children were all safe, and I hope Clue is safe with you very soon.

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