no good news

Posting from doug’s phone on the highway. She was hit at 6:30 and has not been seen since 7 am. We wlked for miles w. Bronte but no sign. We know she was injured, prbly badly. I am not hopeful. Snow tonight and they will be back out looking at first light. I will join them if they find any tracks or sign. We left two crates w my clothes out in the area she may be and they will place a fox live trap in the am. More when I am home.


8 thoughts on “no good news

  1. I’m sending my prayers/good thoughts for a safe return. I can’t believe this nightmare. I’m begging for a miracle.

    Have you contacted the local media? I’m sure they’ll do a story, and likely can get the community involved.

    I’m so, so, so sorry, and wish I weren’t on the other side of the US so I could help with the search.

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