Looking for show breeders with fast typing fingers

Anybody want to help me out here?

It’s a blog by someone who doesn’t like breeders who make designer dogs (yay!) but who has totally bought the line that AKC dogs are all bred for nothing but ribbons and money (snort – I make SO much money on this). There’s a lot of what I guess is well-meaning but totally incorrect “facts” (both by the author and by commenters) about purebred dog health and how we show breeders are totally ruining it.

The latest pearls of wisdom are that Pekes can’t run or play, merle as a coloration should be ended totally, across all breeds, and that we could solve all dog problems by changing standards (which is just ridiculous – how would you propose changing the Golden standard to prevent cancer?).

I know all these are incorrect; obviously that person has never had any contact with a show-bred Peke and been knocked over when he slams full-tilt into her knees; Pekes are GAITED slowly because that’s what their standard mandates, but they run around like freight trains. They look funny when they run (but then again, so do our dogs, and they manage to herd pretty major animals while doing it) but they play and have a good time.

But I am not going to comment again on that thread all by myself; I’m tired of being told that I’m an idiot.

You may disagree with me on how the AKC is supposed to (not) police breeders; that’s fine. I have been in dogs just long enough to know that the more you babysit a large group of people, the more stupid and restrictive your rules have to become to prevent the stupid ones from making stupid decisions. So I criticize the AKC where it fails on its stated mission (being a big, accurate file cabinet and nothing more) but I don’t want it to tell us how to breed. I also have friends who live under the “breed warden” system in the northern European kennel clubs and it is no unicorn horns and fairy dust, trust me. And I don’t think the FCI hip system is all that faboo; it uses one measurement (Norberg Angle) that is heavily influenced by positioning on the x-ray, and you can breed “C” hips even in the long-legged/heavy dogs. C hips are what we’d call mild/moderate dysplasia.

But I know I’m not the be all and end all, so if you want to tell me I’m wrong and the AKC shouldn’t let us register our dogs unless they are Good on OFA, that’s fine with me.

I would like to go over there and yelp again, but I don’t want to do it alone. Anyone up for making show breeders look like less of a group of morons? (Oh, and PLEASE dispell the myth that merles shouldn’t exist; Clue is begging you.)


2 thoughts on “Looking for show breeders with fast typing fingers

  1. Well, I jumped into the blog — probably nothing more than an aggravation to the posters. I really don’t think that they want to be confused with the facts.

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