Everything I need to know I learned by showing Cardigans.

1: Never shirk your responsibilities. (Because when you send your non-doggy husband to go pick up your armbands, he will pick up the wrong one, nearly causing a riot as the steward tries to figure out what went wrong.)

2: Make new friends but keep the old. (SO great to finally meet Charlie and to say hello to the great Yankee club members and New England breeders–they’re all wonderful and Lucybell, Linda, and Sarah always put a huge smile on my face.)

3. It’s a blessing to accept help. (Sarah, my underpaid and fabulous “guest” handler, you rock!)

4: Always be prepared. When you need a baggie but didn’t grab one from the car, you can use the bag that protected your winners ribbon BECAUSE YOUR BITCH JUST FINISHED HER CHAMPIONSHIP!

My HUGE brag–and the only info I have from the show because I was weeping too hard to see what the heck else went on:

(Pending blah blah blah): CHAMPION Pecan Valley A Blue Clue (Ch. Rememberance Ann D. Rooney x Ch. Pecan Valley Review in Blue) took her third major by going WB/BOS over a special to collect five points and finish in unbelievable style. This was the CWCCA supported entry in W. Springfield MA, South Windsor Kennel Club, under judge Joy Brewster.

update: catalog results

11 thoughts on “Everything I need to know I learned by showing Cardigans.

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    When you said Charlie did you mean Charles from Finnshavn… if so, his co-hort (Robinhood`s) is where we got our old Archie (RIP) from! His grandpa (Archie`s) was Alexander Selkirk. I would kill for a kennel like theirs!!!

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