Two weeks of a crash diet for Clue and enormous portions for Bronte: check.

Elaborate 26-step grooming completed for both, resulting in gallons of water and high-priced conditioners chucked in a wide swath of destruction around the house: check.

High-fat snacks in the car: check.

Coffeemaker set to brew 12 cups at 5 am: check.

47 lb of more high-priced grooming supplies, 70-lb grooming table, 35″ high crate, and several boxes of salmon-based dog treats tied to, crammed in, or precariously balanced on car: check.

All four kids warned that for the next four days Mommy is a Big Giant Monster Who Will Roar At You If You Distract Her: check.

Show leads in the wash: check.

Must be a show weekend.





3 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Dog shows.. how I love you (But hate the mornings), and how my poor husband asks “Do you have to????” before I send in entries.

    Most mornings, I’m not awake before 9, but for shows, I’m usually in the ring a little after 8.

    I totally, totally feel for you! Good luck!

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