short and sweet

I am working tonight and on deadline, so no long polemic. (I am loving the comments on the advertising piece, though, so keep ’em coming.)

I just wanted to say that there is a perfect sweet peace about sitting in a room with two Cardigans on your feet, a blanket over your knees, two kids asleep next to you, and two dogs sleeping on top of them. If I listen, all I hear is breathing and the occasional moan from one of the dogs.

(And no, we don’t all live in a yurt or something–right now the “big computer,” the one I use most often for work, is in the guest room. Meri and Tabitha came in here to read together and ended up falling asleep. The dogs–well, the corgis always follow me. Wherever I am, they sleep. The little dogs just go for whoever looks warmest and like the biggest sucker.)


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