Blown out

Photography lesson:

Do not take pictures in the late afternoon sun when your kids are wearing dark clothes but their faces are Anglo-Saxon superpale white, especially when you are lazy and just leave it on the auto sport setting . Every single shot I took had their faces completely blown to heck. Very annoying–these were supposed to be Xmas card pics.

Greek lesson:

There is no “Xmas” controversy. Biblical scholars virtually always use “X” as a shorthand for Christ, because it’s the first letter of the word. So, with 20+ theology classes under my belt, Xmas it is.

Interjection lesson:

Putting needless and geeky Greek lessons into a post about photography is distracting.


4 thoughts on “Blown out

  1. I think this is a perfectly adorable “x-mas” card worthy photo. And I’m delighted to know that shorthand isn’t meant to get a load of people up in arms. Though I doubt I’d do it, because their are far too many people to educate & I’d hate to accidentally tick off the masses in the process.

    Nice blog!
    Doug’s hs friend,

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