After the thing is over


The last of the clothes had been dropped off at the Crystal City Salvation Army, and as much as she missed the whisper of Armani over her shoulders the old hoodies and jackets felt warm and comforting.


One thing was for sure–she wouldn’t miss the bitches in Washington.


Her aides’ affection was some comfort,


As was the knowledge that her sense of style had survived the last six weeks of hell.


Screw them all –  she was going home.

3 thoughts on “After the thing is over

  1. 2 things- I love that Hanna jacket. We had one just like it. Love it.

    How crazy is it that I want to kiss and caress and kiss again that beautiful, perfect eye!! Cosmetic or not, that cherry eye made me feel badly for Ginny every time I saw a picture of her. She is truly a stunning girl.

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