Freaking the freak out


Ginny is at the vet right now, being spayed and having her cherry eye evaluated (if they can tack it in without any damage, they’ll do it, but if it cannot be replaced we will just leave it–if you cut out the tissue the dog is left unable to produce tears and the eyes can be damaged, so since her cherry eye is cosmetic only and the prolapsed tissue is healthy and the eye can close completely over it we’d leave it rather than hurt her tear production).

I am so nervous. I know this is a simple, routine thing, and there was never any question that we’d do it, but I’ve lost two Danes to spays (Lucy and her daughter) and so the whole thing just makes me terrified. There’s no rational reason to be worried about Ginny–a spay on a 13-lb dog is totally different than one on a 140-lb dog–but I can’t help it. I’m supposed to be working right now and I’m getting nothing done, just keep staring at the phone.


2 thoughts on “Freaking the freak out

  1. I do the same thing. Even if I know it’s routine and needs to be done, I worry. I will be thinking about her today.

    On the cherry eye front, I have to thank you for talking to me several months ago about the benefits of leaving it alone. I am really glad we didn’t do anything to Belle’s–she’s thriving, and even though it won’t go away completely, proper diet has improved it immensely.

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