Infodog has received your entry

After agonizing about it for weeks, we handed an obscene amount of money to MB-F and are now committed to all four days of the Thanksgiving cluster in W. Springfield, MA. We’ll also be entering the following weekend in Fitchburg–I just couldn’t do it all at once because watching that much money leave the checking account in entry fees is physically painful.

The Thanksgiving cluster usually represents big majors for most, if not all, days. And since I entered two bitches myself, unless NOBODY else enters it’ll be at least two points.

Both Clue and Bronte have both their majors. Clue is sitting at 11 points (needs four singles, though of course she could take a single 4-pt major and finish). Bronte is sitting at 9 point and needs six singles. I am perpetually pessimistic–there’s something about seeing the entries in black and white that make me despair–but I am really hoping to take at least something home from the six days of showing. If we are super fortunate, one of them will finish.

NO! I am going to jinx myself! If we are super lucky, they’ll look good and behave themselves.

It’s not ideal timing by any means. Both are still out of coat and we haven’t done any training in weeks. Bronte is underweight, most likely due to the hookworm infestation that I am having a problem getting under control (when the ground freezes they’ll all die, but until then the dogs keep re-infesting themselves; it doesn’t seem to bother Bramble or Clue but Ginny and Bronte get skinny). So in addition to worming her as strongly as I dare, she’s getting a major bump-up in food. Both of them will be on extra oils and vitamins to help their coats come in.

And I will be chugging rescue remedy to try to get the butterflies under control. AGH! So nervewracking!


2 thoughts on “Infodog has received your entry

  1. Good luck, Joanna! We may see you at the Fitchburg show. We live about 40 mins. from there and my Mom lives there. Thank you for all of your help on the Pets board on MDC.

    sammsma on MDC

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