Every Story in the World

by Tabitha. As told to her mom, who transcribed it without changing any words. The blog title post and the titles of both stories are by Tabitha too.

Christian Bible Fiddler

On a cold fall morning, five Dalmatians were born. Their names were Sapphire, Iris, Blacksmith, Organized Chum, and Fiddler.

Fiddler was the highest jumper. He could jump up mountains and fountains.

Now I would like to present to you the most scary part of the story.

And that is, when Fiddler spotted a cage with puppies in it.

And an old girl named Emma Thompson; she was a very very bad girl.

She stole other people’s dogs. She stole collies, mountain collies, and even Saint Bernards.

And even she stole puppies!

She stole them and put them in a cage.

Fiddler was the highest jumper. And he jumped all around Emma Thompson until she was tired.

And he jumped up to the cage, which had spots to warn Fiddler that there were puppies chambered inside.

And then Fiddler jumped on the fountain top, where the water came from. And he freed the puppies.

The End.

The Adventures of Organized Chum

Organized Chum was cleaning up. She was a young girl, and had a little sister Blacksmith. Remember, young means little.

Blacksmith had an idea for Organized Chum. She thought that Organized Chum could make a candy house for everyone to live in.

The house was separated with candy flowers and candy chairs. It even had candy food. But it was not really candy food; it was health food in candy bowls. It was cornmeal mush and there was heart for dessert and there was even a supper called mushed flowers. What I mean by mushed flowers is that they’re actually berries (shh!). They had berries for supper.

The adventure is really, really good.

Chapter  One.

One morning, there were three puppies sitting at their grandmother’s house. Their grandmother was Miss

Hoot. She was a goose. Oh, no, how could a goose be the grandmother to dogs? Oh, I am getting ANGRY with this!

Well, now the important part.

The important part is very important. Don’t forget it.

When Miss Hoot saw that they were cleaning up, that they were using magic powers to clean up the crud and the sweep dust, she said, “Why do you have magic powers?” And they said back, “We got them from an old challenge from the Boss.”

The Boss is a very, very delighted bear. The challenge was to clean up as many pieces of decorations from the Halloween party the Boss has. And from the challenge, Organized Chum won. She won the most important thing in the world: the magic peacock.

And the magic peacock gave them powers to clean everything.

And because Miss Hoot saw that they were Very Important Persons, Miss Hoot gave them a beautiful batch of golden cookies with diamonds in them. And she gave Organized Chum some golden chocolate pennies in a golden bag.

I have to do my exercising now.

The End.


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