For what we have received, we are truly grateful

1) Zuzu’s fever broke Saturday morning. She is now covered with the worst viral rash I have ever seen on any child. I will be on the phone with her doctor in the morning. But she is better. Worn-out, irritable, raggy, and sad, but better.

2) Our pellet stove is in. It’s IN! We tried and tried last week but we were stumped. And once more I thank God that my father didn’t stop with a PhD from Harvard in Ancient Near Eastern Languages; he taught himself plumbing and electricity. So he came home from teaching grad students, put on his flannel shirt, filled up the toolbox, and got it in for us. Here it is, plaster dust, torn-up floor, and all:

3) Our totally awesome new-to-us car that cost less than my last show puppy.

We have a LOT to be thankful for.


4 thoughts on “For what we have received, we are truly grateful

  1. awww poor Zuzu!

    Your dad sounds like he’s a total rockstar. And I *want* your car… d’you think your friend would find one just like it and fix it up for me? A Volvo that fits a whole family of 5 and costs less than a puppy sounds great to me!!! 😉

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