Balancing act

The good: our new-to-us car (a ’96 Volvo 850) is fixed. It really is a GREAT car. Our mechanic friend told us to buy a good car that’s old, instead of a mediocre care that’s new, and I think he’s a genius. The car is incredibly solid, has more options than I have ever enjoyed before in my LIFE (it was a $30,000 car when it was new), and it holds the whole family legally and safely while getting 28 miles to the gallon. I feel incredibly blessed to have found this car and to have the amazing help we had to get it fixed up and road-ready.

The bad: It cost a LOT of money to fix. Like the entire purchase price. I feel like a jerk even thinking about that, because even with the fixes we ended up getting a car for ONE-FIFTH what we thought we were going to have to pay, but we did not have any extra money and we’re trying to figure out what has to “give” so we can pay the bill. We’ll be fine, but it’ll be uncomfortable for the next couple of weeks.

The ugly: Zuzu is still REALLY sick. This is her third night of 103+ fever that is barely touched by Motrin, and if it hasn’t broken by tomorrow I’m taking her back in. I have been talking with the doctor almost every day over the phone (we have a GREAT doctor who is very accessible) but I don’t like this ONE BIT. He had us take her off the Bactrim for 24 hours to make sure that the fever was not some kind of freakish reaction to the sulfa–it wasn’t–so tomorrow she has to start up again on the sulfa on top of how sick she is with this mystery virus. Thank God she’s still nursing–that’s the only thing that comforts her (well, and ice cream and hot dogs, silly girl).


2 thoughts on “Balancing act

  1. How stressful! I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time, and I hope Zuzu feels better soon.

    I’ll soon be posting a picture of a beagle with his head and front legs stuck in the top of the cat box, so come on over if you need a laugh. We had to cut him out.

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