Gimme an M! Gimme an R!

Well, today is one of those days when I feel the urge to turn in my parenting license and go live in a hut somewhere.

The brief history is as follows: Zuzu (almost 11 months) went to the doctor’s office two weeks ago with what we thought was a middle ear infection (swimmer’s ear). The doctor (I totally just typed “the vet” and had to go backspace it) also saw some debris in the ear that looked staph-ish, so she went on a course of Rocephin. This really wiped her out, made her feel pretty icky, but the ear issue seemed to go away. But the day after her course of abx was over, the ear was looking nasty again and she had the beginnings of A Spot on her cheek. That was Saturday. Sunday The Spot was worse. You can see it on her cheek in the picture. Monday we called her doctor and got in to see the senior guy. By the time we got there she had a rash all over her body and several nasty relatives of The Spot had moved in and were arguing over real estate.

Drumroll please: MRSA.

He hastened to reassure me that I had not just sealed the fates of every kid at the pumpkin patch–The Spot was not draining and there was no danger of contagion. She has Community-Aquired MRSA, which is much more treatable than the hospital variety and she should be OK on a course of Bactrim. Tonight she’s running a pretty solid fever, which according to Dr. Google is part of the infection, but I am watching her very closely and I will be quick to get her in if it’s not coming down by the morning.



5 thoughts on “Gimme an M! Gimme an R!

  1. Oh man! A friend’s Hubby just dealt with this… she had to baby his needy, whiny self. I can’t imagine dealing with a kidlet with this ickky!

    What scares me, is antibiotic resistant infections are becoming more, and more common. Thanks FDA for all the antibiotic overuse! Sure does us a lot of good! ;0P

    I hope the poor kiddo gets better FAST. Poor mama. It’s already hard enough raising kids, you don’t need more drama!

  2. Oh nooooooooooooooes! That really really stinks 😦 I’ve been seeing more and more cases of MRSA in my practice, it’s pretty scary. Make sure that they have ZuZu on a high dose of Bactrim and I would be giving her Vit. C as well. Good luck!


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