Caught on tape

For the third day in a row, I’ve been out straight with work and life, which means you get yet another photo post. I do want to say, first, that (while I hate to get all goopy and weepy on you) God has been very good to us this week–busy with work means less money worry, and a complete disaster (total and irreparable breakdown of our Explorer, which we still owe money on) led to the huge blessing of a shockingly cheap (as in no-car-loan cheap) high-quality used car that will not only hold our whole family but gets twice the Explorer’s gas mileage. We’re having it totally rehabbed at our mechanic’s house (“our mechanic” = a great friend who is a Volvo master certified technician) but unless he finds something disastrous our total outgo will be miraculously small.

The other great thing that’s happening this week is the install of our pellet stove, which just about killed us to buy last spring but should save us huge money this winter. If we do not kill each other during the installation process (which at this point is a legitimate danger–all day today you could hear one or the other of us yelling “Not that caulk! The other caulk!” or “No! No! The piece with the rodent screen!” or “Crap; I think the Sawzall nicked the electrical junction box,” followed by the sound of me fainting) I cannot even tell you how happy I will be to get this thing installed.

Anyway, le photo du jour. This one has been making me giggle for days. I took a total throwaway picture of Tabitha, bad lighting bad expression dirty face and all, and was about to delete it when I happened to look in the background. I don’t even know how to caption this.

( Click for the larger picture if you want more detail.And yes, he’s floating somehow completely above Clue, which means his back feet are at least a foot off the ground.)


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